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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9 January 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Suhani getting some information about the whereabouts of Yuvraaj on the off chance that he needs to spare himself. Sambhav is terrified. Saiyyam comes and asks what is going on here. He asks what is this place. Sharad says this is a similar place where he had kept Yuvraaj hostage. Sambhav says he is lying and requests that he spare him. Suhani says he kept Yuvraaj here and vexed him a considerable measure. Sambhav requests that Saiyyam spare him. Sharad and Yuvaan holds Saiyyam. Saiyyam says you are again attempting to execute my Papa which you can;’t do. Clothes, Krishna, Bhavna and others remain in a line. Saiyyam see the lady control. Suhani approaches Sambhav to prepare for the agonizing demise. Saiyyam yells and says I won’t give my father a chance to bite the dust a difficult dealth. Suhani is going to seal the entryway with sledge. Sambhav yells and tells

that he will tell where is Yuvraaj and Dadi. Suhani asks where are they? Sambhav asks for Suhani to give him counteractant, and says they were here some time recently. Suhani says we know and requests that he tell where are they know. Sambhav says I will let you know, however first give me cure else I will kick the bucket. Clothes tells Suhani that they should offer remedy to him else they will never realize that where is Yuvraaj and Dadi.

Bhavna offers remedy to Suhani. Suhani infuses counteractant infusion to Sambhav. Saiyyam looks on. Sambhav grins. Suhani requests that he tell where are they? Sambhav says there are in the cabin close by the house. They free Sambhav. Suhani requests that Sambhav take them there right at this point. Sambhav requests that Saiyyam take him to specialist. Saiyyam says approve. Suhani says no specialist, first take us to Yuvraaj and Dadi. Sambhav requests that Saiyyam go, and tells that Suhani won’t murder him, and she will keep him alive, however will insult him. Saiyyam says I will call specialist. Krishna goes to Saiyyam and asks where he is going. Saiyyam says as I am not crafty like my mum. Krishna says you are a trick and don’t know anything. She says you are accepting on the man whom you don’t have the foggiest idea. She says she knows Dadu well and he is a pleasant person, even Suhani is. Saiyyam says I know you despises her. Krishna says no and says you don’t know anything. Suhani requests that Sambhav tell where is Yuvraaj and Dadi.

Sambhav folds his hands and says I lost. Clothes requests that he tell… .Sambhav says I will tell, however before that Suhani need to accomplish something. Suhani requests that him not undermine them. Sambhav says I can, as I got the counteractant now. Clothes says I knew he would do this. Sharad holds his face and requests that he take them there. Sambhav says I have a last wish… Suhani asks what? Sambhav says I need to hear I adore you from Suhani’s mouth. Sharad beats him. Sambhav says just once, please mend my injuries just once. Clothes requests that Suhani not advise anything and requests that Sharad beat him and enquire about Yuvraaj and Dadi. Sharad beats him. Sambhav says 1 min and shows video. They see Yuvraaj and Dadi together in the video, and are fine. He says I will take all of you there, however just once say I cherish you. Suhani takes a gander at the video and inquires as to whether he will break his guarantee on the off chance that she says that. Sharad says yes. Sharad and Rags request that Suhani not state anything. Suhani says I cherish you. Sambhav gets cheerful… .and grins. Sharad and others are stunned. Suhani says I adore you… .Yuvraaj.

Sambhav gets furious listening to this… Suhani says why you are so stunned.. you requesting that I say I adore you, haven’t requesting that I take your name. She requests that he say where are they now? Sambhav takes them to the bungalow, and says they are inside. Suhani and her relatives see goons emerging. Suhani requests that Sambhav request that his goons take them out. Sambhav says I have a condition, and requests that Suhani go alone to meet Yuvraaj. Sharad says you won’t go alone, I will likewise accompany you. Suhani solicits him to take mind from everybody and says I will go alone. Sambhav says great. Everybody looks on as Suhani is going to go. Simply then goons bring Dadi out. Clothes, Suhani and others get enthusiastic seeing her. Suhani goes to Dadi. Dadi is passionate as well.

Suhani embraces Dadi and cries. Dadi makes a tragic face. Suhani asks would you say you are fine? Dadi says yes. She says Yuvraaj is likewise fine, yet I won’t leave this Sambhav. Suhani says we will see what to do with him. Dadi comes towards her family. Everybody embraces her. Yuvaan asks would you say you are fine? Dadi says yes. I am fine. Sambhav calls Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj is brought by the goons. Suhani takes a gander at him with weepy eyes. Yuvraaj additionally gets enthusiastic and gets tears in his eyes being cheerful. Sambhav takes a gander at them. Suhani grins and keeps on taking a gander at him. Tu Ru Hai Toh Main Kaya Banu tune plays denoting their union… … She runs and embraces him. She then takes Yuvraaj to their family. Everybody grins cheerfully.

Sambhav supposes you have done as such much with me, you have offended my adoration, attempted to slaughter me, blaze me however never attempted to comprehend my affection… ..Suhani. Presently you won’t get your affection as well, in the event that you can’t be mine, I won’t let you gets to be others.


Sambhav makes Suhani and Yuvraaj fall under the ground as the dirt blasts and takes them in. Everybody is stunned.

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