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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 January 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Kartik indicating ring configuration to Lav and Kush. He says this will suit Naira a great deal. Manish looks on and asks will you make Naira wear this, will you get this for Goenkas would be bahu, ask somebody and accept guidance, will you choose everything, you think its lesser school love proposition or valentines, its your engagement, our loved ones will be there. Kartik says its my engagement. Manish says Maa is attempting to make best courses of action, she is requesting uncommon jewel for Naira, you like it or not, you need to concur. Kartik says I carry out a vocation and my compensation is less, I can’t give her jewel worth lakhs. He goes. Manish requests that who asked you do work, we include Kartik top managerial staff and he is doing work there. He indignantly goes. Akhilesh requests that Suwarna not stress.

Suwarna says you and Surekha oversaw everything, I m stressed for Dadi and Kartik’s connection.

Everybody at Singhania house settle on jewel ring. Naksh says keep it basic, men couldn’t care less for jewel. Mishti says we ought to get something exceptional for Kartik. The gem specialist says I have great old fashioned model, range is high, its uncommon, I can get great cost for it. Naira and Naksh decline to see it. Bhabhimaa says we will see it once. Baisa says yes, on the off chance that we as a whole like it then… Naitik requests that he demonstrate it. The man demonstrates the uncommon blue jewel. Naitik requests that he get it. Naira inquires as to why. Naitik says I need to get this for Kartik. Naira says Kartik does not need this. Naitik says its my right, none can grab it, I truly need.

Naira calls Kartik. Kartik asks her for what reason was she romancing in center of the recreation center, wouldn’t she be able to have tolerance. She contends. He asks did Dadi take class. She says no, I won’t abandon you. He asks what will you do, when might I come to meet. She asks did you endorse ring. He asks did anybody let you know something, Manish or Suwarna… . Naira says no, I heard Dadi saying she is energized for engagement. He says nobody is energized, they simply need to flaunt. She says no, they are truly cheerful, we discovered our routes in all matters, let them make any ring they need, Papa likewise requested that me not meddle and grab his rights. He says he can make ring as he needs. She says if my Papa has rights, even your family has rights to pick ring. He says how could I get you. She says fine, I made you free. He says I m Kartik Goenka, I will wed you, I m doing support for the last time, don’t expect anything next time. She closes call and thinks how to clarify him, in what capacity will I do what Suwarna is anticipating.

Surekha demonstrates the blue jewel to Dadi and commendations her father. Dadi says we are in our own home, don’t applaud your Maayka, you said a considerable measure in Singhania house. Surekha says sorry, this is uncommon piece. She demonstrates it to Manish and Akhilesh. Manish requests that Dadi ask Kartik once. Dadi says I addressed him, he said he will regard my decision. Manish says I know Naira did this, in the event that we need to make him do anything, we need to demand Naira.

Shaurya and Naksh come to examine engagement list if people to attend. They give the welcome. Manish thinks that its light and says we will get more snappy card for our side of visitors, I mean this is great, it indicates you are basic individuals, we get a kick out of the chance to praise things well, if Lord gave us cash, when will we spent it if not in youngsters’ marriage, you can see the ring Maa is requesting for Naira, you will get it. Surekha gets call and goes. Manish says we need to look after status. The man advises Surekha that another person requested that precious stone. Surekha stresses.

Dadi says we will have numerous visitors in the capacity. Naira and everybody like the ring. Naira says its excellent. Naitik says not equivalent to my girl and not valuable than Kartik. Naksh says I m getting desirous seeing this. Bau ji says your turn will likewise come. Naira grins.

Surekha converses with her Bhabhi and says if Maa ji knows we didn’t purchase that jewel, what will happen, advise Bhaiya ji to send installment and prepare ring. She sees Dadi and finishes call. Dadi asks what happened. Surekha says nothing, I was discussing my dress. Dadi asks did your sibling request blessing, this is gold box, continue ring in this, don’t indicate ring to anybody before mahurat, I put stock in you, so I m letting you know. Surekha wishes uncommon jewel does not go to any other individual.

Suwarna requests that Manish work tomorrow. Manish says I will have much work. Somebody goes into the house. Manish says Priyanka and grins. He embraces her. Priyanka asks Suwarna are you envious. Suwarna says no. Priyanka says you ought to be, as I m more lovely and have all the more ideal on your significant other. Manish says yes. Suwarna embraces Priyanka. Manish inquires as to why did you come to give astound, I was coming to pick you tomorrow. Priyanka says I needed to meet you soon, I would lack your consideration tomorrow. Suwarna says we will sit and talk throughout the night. Priyanka asks did Kartik rest. Kartik jokes. Priyanka embraces him and says you cleared out me in single club and went to wed. Kartik says Naira is such, in the event that you met her, you would have said why did you not wed till now, I will make you meet her tomorrow.

Naira fixes blossoms and considers Kartik and Suwarna’s words. She falls in the blooms box and shouts. Everybody come and get her out of the container. Naira says I m fine, I simply fell. Naitik asks what are you doing here. Naira says all of you were working late, I thought to do some work. Naksh requests that her not take strain. Naira asks what did I do. Baisa says you do your work, cosmetics and so forth. Gayu shouts and says Naira, your nail got separated.

Its morning, Dadi approaches Kartik to sit for abhishek. Kartik says Dadi please… . Akhilesh stops him and makes him sit in enormous tub. They all pour drain on Kartik and bother him. Kartik and Priyanka joke. Manish and Suwarna grin. Manish gets a call and goes. Priyanka says sorry Suwarna, I feel awful for you, Kartik couldn’t give you didi’s place. Suwarna says I never attempted to have her spot, I quite recently wish Manish and Kartik remain cheerful, I feel terrible for Manish, he adores Kartik a great deal, I have full trust from Naira, what I could do, she will do it, she will end Manish and Kartik’s separation. She grins.


Naksh says welcome beverages did not come till now, visitors will come. Kartik requests that family come quick. Baisa implores. Tulan falls over Manish.

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