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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9 January 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Vasu giving discourse. Shraddha comes to bat and supposes I will play my own diversion, will slaughter Aditi and her infant. She eyes Aditi. Aditi is strained taking a gander at her. Vasu says Shraddha is prepared to bat while Dhruv is tossing the ball. Dhruv tosses the ball. Shraddha hits the ball focusing on Aditi. Aditi is stunned to see the ball coming towards her, yet Thapki holds the ball at perfect time. Vasu says so you are attempting to execute this way. Aditi is stunned. Dhruv inquires as to whether she is fine. Thapki cautions Shraddha and says I recognize what amusement you are playing here, and in the event that anything happens to my sister or her infant then I won’t abandon you. Aditi says thanks to Thapki with an embrace. Shraddha and Bihaan keep on batting. Vasu remark that Bihaan’s group need to work harder as they made just 40 till now.

Sankara supposes she needs to accomplish something to make more runs, else they will lose. She sees the juice bottles at water counter. She goes there and includes some powder/medicate in the juice. She says now Thapki’s group will drink this bhang, then catch our ball.

Neha goes to the cricket stadium and demands to go close to her sibling, yet a man makes her sit and requests that her watch the match. Vasu remarks that they are making runs gradually and says their aggregate runs are 70. Shraddha turns comes back once more. She tosses bat on Aditi. Aditi is stunned. Dhruv hurries to Aditi and inquires as to whether she is frantic. Bihaan inquires as to why did you toss the bat. Shraddha tells that she didn’t do it deliberately, it was quite recently that bat slipped from her hand. Thapki cautions her once more. Shraddha advises her that she is not having room schedule-wise to hear her sister’s babble. She asks somebody give me my bat. She plays coordinate once more.

Vasu remarks requesting that Thapki make Shraddha out and not to abandon her. Shraddha is out from diversion by Thapki. Everybody applauds Thapki. Vasu requests that her get out. Kabir says great job Thapki. Vasu says Shraddha has an embarrassed exit and declares a drink break. Everybody goes to drink juice. Thapki prevents Aditi from drinking chilly water, and requests that her drink plain water. Sankara sees everybody drinking juice, and thinks now no one will stop our win. She says Bihaan… you can make 4 and 6 runs. Thapki takes a gander at Bihaan.

Sankara comes as another player. Bihaan and Sankara begin playing. Sankara takes a gander at everybody. Dhruv feels discombobulated because of bhang influence. Sankara makes more keeps running, as Thapki’s group couldn’t get the ball because of bhaang influence. Vasu remarks that it appears they have connected oil staring them in the face and making the ball disappears. Bihaan’s group makes 110 runs. Thapki asks for Umpire for the break. Umpire allows her break. Vasu gives analysis. Thapki converses with her group and says why we can’t hold the ball. Kabir says it appears as though we are tanked. They opines that they have drank something incorrectly.

Aditi inquires as to whether she needs to win or needs Bihaan to win. Thapki says I need to play reasonable amusement and says I have a thought. She comes holding a bowl with green chillies and asks everybody aside from Aditi, to eat to leave the impact. Everybody eat green chillies and return to typical. Sankara hears them and believes Thapki’s mind runs quicker, in spite of the fact that she stammers while talking. Vasu remarks that Kabir is playing now. Thapki gets Sankara’s ball. Vasu remarks Thapki made Sankara leave from Bihaan’s life. Sankara says I am not out and asks Umpire. Umpire signs that she is out. Sankara says your significant other played well, yet my woman luckiness… my better half will make me win. Bihaan says I needn’t bother with any woman good fortune. Preeti comes to bat. Bihaan requests that her take only 1 run and help him come to bat once more.

Neha watches the match joyfully. Bihaan tosses water on his head and wears protective cap… Kabir tosses ball. Bihaan plays and makes 4 runs. Kabir takes a gander at him. Bihaan grins. While he is taking runs, Kabir pushes him and makes Bihaan falls. Bihaan’s shoulder is a severely stung. Bihaan shouts in agony. Thapki hurries to him. Bihaan says it is great, that a spouse gives torment and wife comes to put treatment. He writhes in agony. Preeti says his shoulder is disengaged. Kabir grins. They help him get up. Balwinder tries to make his hand set right. Bihaan yells. Dhruv says gives up to Doctor. Bihaan says no, and says I will play this diversion regardless of the possibility that I pass on. Everybody looks on stunned.


Vasu remarks that 6 runs are required for Bihaan’s triumph. Bihaan hits the ball in auto. Kabir is going to get the ball, yet the ball is up high in the sky. Everybody looks on.

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