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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Gaura orders Chanda to go and grab babies from Meer and demonstrate that she has hitched Dharam now. Chanda strolls towards entryway and Gaura reprimands to give her a chance to sit on wheelchair first. Chanda then exits and grabs infant from Meera. Meera asks what’s happening with she. Chanda says from hereon just she will deal with infants and Meera can’t touch them. Dharam yells how could she is, who i she. Chanda says his significant other and he has appllied sindhoor on her brow. Vidya says she can’t do this. Chanda cautions if Meera touches babies, she won’t encourage them. Meera argues not to do this, she won’t touch babies hereon. Chanda gies one child to Dharam and requests that take after his pati dharm. Dharam asks ambe maa for what good reason she is looking at him so much, his Meera is crying and he can’t wipe her tears.

He strolls behind Chanda. Gaura begins her show and yells Chanda is so coldblooded, she grabbed child from her mom.

Vidya goes into Chanda’s room furiously and defies her how low she will stoop, Meera gave her so much and this is the thing that she needs to go give consequently. Chanda says she is compelled to do this and Gaura is constraining her. Vidya yells what junk, howmuch lies she will telll. Chanda requests that trust her and says she even sent a recorded message on her versatile, reminds the episode where bolt hits portable and it drops down, says she did it and not Priyal. Meera like regular Modi quality does not believe her and chides her. Chanda gets apprehensive seeing Gaura coming. Vidya says Chanda is claiming her, she has stooped so low. Gaura says she heard everything and requests that her go and support Meera. Vidya clears out. Gaura closes entryway.

Vidya welcomes Modi family for Meera’s infants’ naming function. They all say they will come. Sona requests that plan ropes to tie Jai and Veeru as they are exceptionally fiendish now a days. Tolu says kids’ uncles require extraordinary treatment. Vidya says beyond any doubt.

Gaura drops hot oil on Chanda’s feet and Chanda writhes in torment. Gaura says she is doing this for her and needs her to get this riches. When riches is moved into her name, they will partition it similarly, then Chanda can settle in abroad with an outsider. Chanda apologizes and argues to give her one more possibility. Chanda embraces her and thinks once riches is moved into her name, she will show Chanda out. Chanda thinks once she gets riches, she will break Gaura’s legs and make her ask on street.

Jaggi gets presents for Meera’s infants and shows them to Gopi and says he didn’t have much cash, so brought these, else he would have purchased entire store. Gopi says expectation is seen and not blessing cost.

Modi family appreciates tea in front room when Urvashi gets laddoos and praises Jaggi that RTO has given back his permit and she has landed him truck driver position in Sharma Transport organization. Urmila says this is a breaking news. Urvashi serves laddoos to everybody aside from Kokila. Urmila takes 2 laddoos for herself and Kokila. Pari considers using opportunity and signs Mona to execute their arrangement. Mona goes aside and calls Jaggi as calling from sharma transport organization and requests that he come at this moment, else sharmaji will give his business to another person. He says he will come at this moment. Urmila requests that he go soon then. Jaggi says maa needs to encourage curd to him Urvashi goes to kitchen to get curd. Pari gets curd and requests that Koila sustain Jaggi Kokila says Urvashi has gone into bring curd. Pari demands that even she resembles Jaggi’s mom, she ought to encourage him. Kokila encourages Jaggi. Urvashi comes and watches this and tosses curd bowl down and after that gives Kokila a tight slap. Gopi runs yelling maaji… Parag asks Urvashi what the heck is this. Urvashi says she just thought individuals their place and showed no one can interfere with her and her child.

Precap: Urvashi says Kokila grabbed every one of her rights. Kokila yells in the event that she needed to, she would not have returned Parag, she rather hurt her sense of pride and committed a major error.

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