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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 10 January 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Vividha reviewing Atharv’s words. She supposes what’s seen does not exist, a major truth is concealing, I need to discover, yet how. Vividha gets anxious in rest and gets up. She supposes I can hardly wait, I need to discover what occurred at ranch house. She takes off. Violate is dozing. Vividha surges out of the house and searches for taxi. She gets a taxi and sits. Atharv goes to her and asks where are you going alone. Vividha asks did you not rest till now. He says take me along. She requests that he go and rest. He says I m your companion, take me along. She says I m likewise your companion, go and rest, I m going for demon work. He goes. She leaves in the taxi. Violate awakens and does not see Vividha in room. He searches for her.

Vividha achieves farmhouse and checks the swimming

pool territory. She says Atharv said somebody pulled him, on the off chance that I m Atharv, on the off chance that anybody pulls me, I will fall in pool, yet why did we not see anybody, in what manner can this happen, there will be some piece of information to know who is doing this with Atharv. Violate gets her out and searches for her at home. He calls her. Vividha checks well. She gets hurt and sees the rope lying there. She supposes its that rope by which somebody pulled Atharv in swimming pool, it implies Vipul did not push Atharv, this rope is straightforward, who can do this wanting to hurt Atharv. Daddy ji comes there. Vividha turns and gets stunned seeing him.

Vividha says Dada ji, you… . I got frightened for a moment, Vipul is guiltless, he didn’t push Atharv. Daddy ji says Atharv was pulled. Vividha gets stunned. She asks how would you know this. He says on the grounds that I have pulled Atharv. She asks you… He says yes. She says it implies you… . He says yes, I have done all that in healing facility, and made pantry fall on Atharv, sadly, Suman came and spared him, it was me who have given auto keys to Atharv. FB indicates Daddy ji executing every one of his arrangements.

He says it was me, who left flow wire in games race, and I have pulled Atharv’s foot and made him fall inside the water. Vividha gets stunned. Daddy ji says your discoveries got finished, I did such an excess of arranging. She cries and inquires as to why did you do this, what did he do. Daddy ji says his introduction to the world is a wrongdoing, his remaining at home and asserting rights is greater wrongdoing, I won’t give this bad form a chance to happen, I became more acquainted with about the will and i was despondent. Vividha says Atharv is your grandson.

Daddy ji says he is ill-conceived child of Ramakant, I needn’t bother with him, Ravish is sufficient for me, I adore Suman more than my girl, I guaranteed her to give her a decent life, yet I bombed, as my child Ramakant cherished Sujata, Suman and I thought Ravish will get his adoration, yet Sujata and her child Atharv went into this house, what might Suman experience, when she saw Sujata and her child before her eyes, then Suman became more acquainted with you and Atharv will wed think about her feelings knowing you don’t love Ravish and love that distraught person, don’t you administer to our emotions, is Ravish not a human.

Violate says I don’t know where did Vividha go. Suman says where would she be able to go. Violate says we need to educate Daddy ji. Suman says no, he rested early today evening time, we will discover him. Sujata comes and requests Atharv. Suman says it implies Atharv and Vividha went together, this needed to happen, why are we shocked. Violate says Vividha would have let me know whether sh took Atharv along, she is not imprudent, did Atharv go anyplace, did anybody see Atharv going out. Chutki says I have seen him.

Vividha cries and says Dada ji, I didn’t do this purposefully. Daddy ji says I won’t give this bad form a chance to happen, I attempted to move away Atharv from my way yet somebody generally spared him, you remained before him like a divider, when I saw you taking taxi and coming farmhouse, I chose to move you off the beaten path. FB demonstrates Daddy ji seeing Vividha going to spy in farmhouse and discovers it a decent shot. FB closes. Daddy ji says in the event that you couldn’t turn into Suman’s bahu, this house does not require you, there is no distinction amongst you and Atharv, come. He drags her. Vividha yells and requests that he abandon her.

Violate asks Chutki when did she see Atharv. Chutki says I was at window, I have seen Vividha sitting in taxi. FB demonstrates the taxi not beginning soon. Atharv gets inside the dickey and waves bye to Chutki. The taxi departs. FB closes. Sujata says Atharv got in taxi dickey, where did Vividha go. Chutki advises taxi subtle elements to Ravish. Violate makes sense of the travel organization.

Vividha says Dada ji, you are eldest in family and ought to secure everybody, what’s going on with you. He says I m doing likewise. Daddy ji beats the driver and gets inside the taxi. Vividha yells for offer assistance. Atharv opens the dickey entryway. Daddy ji drives and dickey entryway gets close by the snap. He beats Vividha and she swoons. Violate requests that taxi office track the taxi area and let him know. Daddy ji tosses the GPS gadget out. Violate asks what, where taxied go, call me in the event that you get any data. He advises everybody that Vividha went to ranch house. Suman inquires as to why will she go there right now. Violate says we need to reach there, there is no opportunity to think. Sujata asks should I tag along. Atharv thumps the dickey.


Atharv gets hurt in dickey and holds his head. Daddy ji drags Vividha and holds her neck. She requests that he abandon her. He says I need opportunity from you and that frantic person, once I slaughter you, I will murder that distraught person. He pushes her in the lake.

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