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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10 January 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Thapki requesting that Kabir play reasonable amusement and says you will fall in your own particular eyes and even in my eyes, she requests that he demonstrate some genuineness. Kabir looks on as he is influenced by her words. Bihaan and Suman are batting. Suman requests that him not stress and says she won’t out. Vasu remarks that Bihaan’s group made 180 runs, lets see which group wins the match. Neha is watching match and applauding. Vasu says this match is conscience for somebody, self regard for other, cherish for somebody and disdain for other… She says Bihaan’s group should make 9 keeps running in this last over which is very troublesome. Kabir bargains with the ball and gives it in Thapki’s grasp advising her that he is certain she will make him win. He supposes ball will swing now. Thapki takes a gander at Bihaan’s condition as he is in

torment because of shoulder disengagement.

Thapki tosses the ball. Suman squander the ball. Bihaan says you have squandered the ball and says this is last over. Suman says don’t realize what happened. She squanders one more ball. Bihaan requests that her make 1 run and go to that side. Vasu remarks requesting that Bihaan center. Thapki tosses the ball. It hits on his shoulder. Bihaan shouts in torment. Kabir requests that Thapki play reasonable amusement and bolster him. Vasu says Bihaan need to make two runs now. Bihaan and Suman figure out how to make 2 runs. Kabir says run out. Umpire says not out. Vasu says 1 ball is left, and 6 runs are required. She says just 6 runs can spare Bihaan now, else Kabir will win. Kabir looks on. Bihaan expels his security protective cap. Everybody see the diversion tensely. Thapki tosses the ball.

Bihaan reviews Kabir’s test that in the event that he wins the match then he can win the house, else he will lose everything. He hits the ball with full on speed. Everybody see the ball flying up in the sky. Kabir apparatuses to get the ball… ..He at last gets it and moves joyfully praises his win. Thapki and others are stunned. Bihaan, Thapki, Vasu and others cry. Preeto says we have lost, we have lost our magnificent home. Kabir lifts Thapki in his arms and whirls with her. Bihaan is broken with the thrashing, and falls on ground. Kabir praises his win. Vasu cries embracing her children. Kabir says pardon me folks and goes. Neha calls Kabir and takes after some other man. Broadcaster declares that Thapki’s group won the group and she turned out to be fortunate. He requests that her go ahead stage and get the trophy. Bihaan, Dhruv and others are in tears.

Thapki goes in front of an audience. Kabir likewise goes in front of an audience and says may I… He advises that it was difficult to win this match without Thapki’s support. He says she was completely splendid in the last over and salutes her. He requests that her make him win dependably in each battle in life. Bihaan looks on dismal. Kabir says I let you know that you can never win this match from me. He requests that host offer trophy to their chief Thapki. Bihaan goes in front of an audience and advises have that he needs to give this trophy to Thapki in the event that he approves of it. Have concurs. Bihaan says you should be extremely upbeat today in the wake of winning the house and making everybody of us destitute. He says well done for your win. Thapki cries. Have says one min Bihaan and requests that he make Thapki wear the triumphant title tag. Kabir stops him and requests that he make him wear this. Sankara grins cheerfully, as Bihaan is candidly stung.


Thapki is ringing the chime in the sanctuary. Neha comes and tumbles down there yelling for offer assistance. Thapki helps her get up and moves her hairs. She is stunned to see Neha and affirms with her in the event that she is Kabir’s sister. Neha says yes. Thapki is stunned.

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